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Paper Garden 10 comments
  • Plant models made with paper, foil, and acrylics
  • Plant models made with paper, foil, and acrylics
November 25, 2009
We've been constructing a little garden for the coo for our One Bit Experience Site. The plants were made by gluing a piece of aluminum foil (Camile recycles aluminum foil from when she bakes) and wire together, then covering it with tape and pieces of carefully cut paper painted with acrylics.
  • Sketch of landscape featuring the plants

Each plant was influenced by our favorite plants. For example, the blue one is Camile's favorite flower as a child, the lupine. And the green, leafy plants are reminiscent of the pumpkin and sunflower seeds she used to grow in her garden. We'll be photographing these models soon to be computerized into bits and bytes.

  • Local wildlife tries to eat fake plant
  • Local wildlife tries to eat fake plant
  • Local wildlife tries to eat fake plant

We decided to "plant" our creations in the soil in the garden, the local "wildlife" stopped by. The little guy stayed around for a while and even attempted to chomp the green paper leaves.


  • Elaine03:16 am 11/26/2009
    These plants look amazing! Love the blue ones.
  • Thy04:15 am 11/28/2009
    I think the plants will transfer very well onto your website, if the highland cattle is anything to go by. I want a plant to display on my desk!
  • Trish05:12 am 12/04/2009
    Hi Camille. Very cool website. You are definitely an artist. It was nice meeting you in class. By the way do you know if anyone came across my large tube of yellow ochre paint? Trish
  • Mark06:14 pm 12/14/2009
    This is a good start! If you could fashion a full on paper garden, that would be amazing. A good alternative to fake plastic plants for indoor gardens.
  • Adrian07:51 am 02/25/2010
    Wow! Totally loving the paper craft!
  • Amy04:41 pm 02/26/2010
  • Ada04:10 am 12/12/2010
    Very neat indeed! I like the concept of paper made plants. It gives a sense of freshness to the surroundings, especially living in a condo where the balcony is too small to plant anything.
  • imelwa10:26 am 05/18/2011
    your garden are awesome! can you give me some tutorial how to create a plant using sort of paper, foil, and acrylics. it just unbelievable for me -.-
  • tami03:18 pm 05/18/2011
    Like Imelwa, I, too, would like to know more about how you made your plants. I cannot figure out where the tinfoil is used or why. The plants are very beautiful.
  • Admsecretoyo09:00 am 07/12/2011
    Bonitas plantas, fabuloso gato!! Nice plants, great cat!