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One Bit Experience, Part 2 44 comments
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February 23, 2010
After many weekends of paper cuts, headaches, and paint stains on our clothing, we are proud to present One Bit Increment, the experience site. Take the hungry coo for a walk through our paper crafted forest to find potatoes to fill his huge belly. Admire the scenery, meet (and squish) hedgehogs. Climb higher and higher! Click here to experience the mini-site now (requires Flash), or continue reading to learn of the difficulties and turmoil we encountered while working on this project.

Each piece was sketched out, drawn on a piece of watercolor paper, painted, then cut out and glued together. Then, we photographed the elements and arranged them digitally. It took a lot of experimentation because not everything looks great photographed, but the result was worth it. Now we have a beautiful mini-site for our homepage, and Camile's room is filled with many tiny paper sculptures.

  • Camile fixing the coo

Fitting all that paper into a website was no easy task, much of our development time was spent creating technical tests and demos to ensure the site would run well on most machines while retaining small file sizes and high-quality visuals. But the most exciting technical aspects of the site, a background that turns into night once the sun sets (Los Angeles time) and a simple weather system that mimics the Los Angeles weather forecast, were actually the easiest to implement. The website queries Yahoo Weather and simply uses the data to set the weather variables. For example, when it rains in LA, it'll rain in the one bit world!

  • Jumping Coo

This project was a challenge, but a great learning experience for both of us. We might make more posts later to document particular details and challenges, but this is enough writing for now. You can view our previous posts One Bit Experience, Part 1 and Paper Garden to read more about the process. Or go visit the site!

  • Coo standing in the skies on a cloud and whistling a tune


  • alizon05:14 pm 02/23/2010
    love it! you guys are super talented. keep up the awesome job!
  • Mark05:23 pm 02/23/2010
    I dig the style! The style definitely feels like something that hasn't been done before, and the proof of concept on the mini-site 2D navigation and platforming is pretty cool too.
  • Farah05:33 pm 02/23/2010
    i love it!! extremely unique, creative, and fun. u can really see the care and dedication put into this project/website. plus i don't think i've ever seen any art like this before. paper cuts were well worth the outcome. great job!
  • Fei06:26 pm 02/23/2010
    I absolutely love it! Wish the cow (..?) could just go forever
  • ROXANNE08:47 pm 02/23/2010
    I like the cloud conceptualization in level 3 + constellation! I still like the coo movements and making it lay down like a lazy bum (like me when i sleep) oh how a little screen continues to evoke more bits of wonder all created with computers, paper, glue and 2 creative coo. rawr.
  • Procesa Orillaneda11:49 pm 02/23/2010
    I am impressed, Lot's of hard work, patience, talent, concentration and dedication. I am Amazed . And I am so proud of you.. Keep it up my Baby Camile.
  • Rowena11:56 pm 02/23/2010
    Love it! Such a wonderful job! So very talented! I got my 'cow' to the very for some reason I'm craving a hamburger and fresh cut french fries..
  • Sheng Luu12:35 am 02/24/2010
    Very cool, it's like someone is making a new canvas to the ever so popular Super Mario Bros. Keep the creative juices flowing. ;)
  • chelsia12:51 am 02/24/2010
    I really want to see these little paper cut outs in person! seems like such an awesome project. makes me wanna try something with fabric! wahh wish i had timeee. awesome job guys, cant wait to see more updates :D
  • whl02:44 am 02/24/2010
    i think it looks super pretty and dreamy!
  • Donieto05:20 am 02/24/2010
    Cowabunga! Nice concept - proud of your ideas and creativity. Even a non savvy video player like me can manipulate the game. Good job!
  • Hunsa07:15 am 02/24/2010
    Love it! Especially the cloud level. Can you implement falling coos like in abduction? Shay.
  • jessica custodio davis09:29 am 02/24/2010
    how fun!!! and cute!!! i'm beyond impressed camile! you are soooo creative and intelligent... you are a smartist! great job! i had a really fun time eating potatoes!! yum yum! i miss you! please keep me posted on all of your cool-ness.
  • Peter08:42 pm 02/24/2010
  • gem2niki09:12 pm 02/24/2010
    congrats on the launch!!! its looks fabulous!!
  • QuinnCan11:31 am 02/25/2010
    awww! fantastic! love it and all the little intricate details! your paper cut outs are freaking superbbbbb!!!! LOVE IT ALL AROUND!!!
  • Mary09:26 pm 03/01/2010
    The site is gorgeous!!! and I love the little frolicking hedgehogs
  • PT05:38 am 03/03/2010
    Diggg it, keep up the killer hard work!
  • isabel05:57 pm 03/03/2010
    So Beautiful :)
  • ben06:54 pm 03/03/2010
    Congratulations! Really wonderful, beautiful stuff. You guys are on Motionographer too, which is no small feat.
  • Lisa04:38 am 03/04/2010
    Phenomenal work! Its projects like these that bring out the sheer fun and entertainment. Adorable, can't wait to see what's next!
  • Jeff11:50 am 03/04/2010
    Well done. I enjoyed the experience.. fun and beautiful!!
  • Aaron11:55 am 03/04/2010
    Lovely indeed, and kudos to making a 4-legged friend work well inside a platform jumping + side-scroller
  • sinrevelar03:47 pm 03/05/2010
    guys!!! outstanding graphics!!! creativity needs action indeed. and all the paper work and research really shows its value in this project! congrats! keep on!!
  • dave07:28 am 03/06/2010
    brilliant! great looking and most interesting idea for ages!
  • Elie's Papel03:23 pm 03/09/2010
    This is the coolest and most creative thing I've seen... congrats!
  • tamisha12:15 am 03/11/2010
    i love it. it's lovely :).
  • carly11:39 pm 03/13/2010
    I just had to write a comment and say your website is amazing! I found it through a blog Benign Objects - so lots of people are seeing it!
  • Pacing11:16 pm 03/20/2010
    Spectacular!!! Elaborate!!! Love it so much!!! Keep up the good work!!!
  • Eric05:14 pm 03/30/2010
  • Cecilie Friis Borup07:19 pm 04/02/2010
    COOOOL! I was right back at playing Mario and eating mushrooms : ) Love your style, and wish there were more levels!
  • Susan09:36 pm 04/08/2010
    This is very cool, but I can't get the home page to work in Firefox or Safari. Is there something I'm missing?
  • Bob10:56 pm 04/08/2010
    Incredible. What sort of effect did you use to make it look like paper? Oh, I see, ou used... paper. Gorgeous. I am jealous.
  • Eder Nucci03:11 pm 04/13/2010
    Hard. Beauty. Powerful. Simply AMAZING. You people have what we need. Do it again and again!
  • CJ Cenizal10:37 pm 04/14/2010
    Good work guys! It looks beautiful!
  • Angga03:13 pm 05/05/2010
    Very creative !! totally amazed by the site, and even more amazed after i read the process... hats off to you guys
  • sabrina02:18 am 05/18/2010
    . . . .enjoying this from Taipei, Taiwan! this site is amazing!
  • Vermathio09:28 pm 05/21/2010
    Sup de Coo in the cloud. Very trendly original and potic. Heaven !! the birds are singing.
  • Johan Meza01:51 pm 02/17/2011
    Nice job, is very very nice and beauti!
  • trav02:09 pm 09/28/2011
  • Saulo Jamariqueli12:50 am 02/06/2012
  • Pacita06:35 pm 03/19/2012
    magnificent!!! keep up the good work!!!
  • pacita06:37 pm 03/19/2012
    magnificent!!! artistic!!! keep up the good work!!!
  • Fred06:40 pm 03/19/2012
    Excellent!!! This needs special talent to accomplish this art!!