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Android TextMate Bundle 28 comments
  • The Missing Android Bundle for TextMate
  • The Missing Android Bundle for TextMate
  • The Missing Android Bundle for TextMate
December 04, 2009
A quick post for you TextMate geeks and Android developers out there (everybody else: please ignore). We made a TextMate bundle for Android Phone App developers. Features easy-to-use interfaces to quickly create, update, and run Android apps. Please visit the project page for more information on how to install and use.


  • p06:29 pm 12/04/2009
    whoaaaa what did u use to write the bundle, java? ruby? this bundle will definitely come in handy. thx! also very impressed with the ui for the bundle; much better in other bundles i've used!
  • E07:33 pm 12/04/2009
    Holy schmackerel, this is awesome. I love the gears on the robot and nice plug for Newfangled
  • p08:36 am 12/22/2009
    hm, I installed the bundle but it overrode the textmate default shortcut Cmd-E. overall i'm pretty sure it's not the best idea to have just Cmd-[A-Z] for shortcuts, especially when there's no option to change/disable them without uninstalling the bundle. or did i miss something?
    Reply from One Bit
    Good point, I guess for now you can jus change/remove the shortcuts in the bundle editor (Bundles > Bundle Editor > Edit Commands) and edit the Activation field for the 3 commands.
  • p09:12 am 12/22/2009
    ah, my mistake; just reinstalled the bundle and i am able to modify the commands; still a nice bundle and is really going to mess with my priorities and make me want to do android projects...
  • Tyler10:09 pm 12/24/2009
    Fantastic bundle, hopefully it will save me from installing Eclipse. A question for you, do I have uninstall the app in the emulator each time I update my code? Installing an app that already exists throws an error.
    Reply from One Bit
    Hi Tyler, I made a small update (download version 0.2), the bundle won't throw that error anymore, it'll just delete the old app automatically before installing. I guess for the next version I should also make a 'build & install' command so you wouldn't have to build each time either, but that'll have to wait. btw, happy holidays!
  • Antonio Fernandes10:06 pm 03/31/2010
    Awesome awesome bundle!
  • hwit08:29 pm 04/01/2010
    Is code completion support planned? This is the only thing which prevents me from using textmate for android development (even though I still have to go back to eclipse for debugging)...
  • Steve08:08 pm 05/05/2010
    I set the ANDROID_SDK shell variable to: /Developer/OtherSDKs/android-sdk-mac_86 AVD Manager won't launch. Any ideas? (I'm positive this is the correct path)
  • steve orens05:28 pm 05/07/2010
    greetings, nice plug-in! feature requests: * a way to specify a debug or release build in an environment variable or even in command that I can pass to i hate having to always click the OK button when I want to compile. * is it possible to make the build output window not-green and white and also software wrap at the window edge? thanks again! steve
  • RT11:09 pm 06/03/2010
    @Steve I was in the same situation. Try opening a new document, then view Bundles > Android. You should see all the options on.
  • Bill Atkinson03:10 pm 09/27/2010
    I installed the plugin, set the SDK path in TextMate's prefs, but when I go to Build a project, I get this in a textmate results window: onebit/* jinjalib/* bash/* onebit.pyc*** templatesc/** tmp/*** I have Xcode installed, and "which ant" indicates I have ant installed. Any ideas?
  • c12:29 am 10/04/2010
    Wow! I wish I knew about this before installing Eclipse.
  • Kai12:46 am 10/28/2010
    When I try to Install App I receive this traceback with this error: SyntaxError: EOL while scanning single-quoted string Has anyone run into this before? I've really just followed your tutorial. The only difference I can think of is that I'm using a newer version of SDK, 2.2 API 8 instead of 2.0 API 5. Could this be it?
    Reply from One Bit
    Made an update today and accidentally introduced that bug, it should be fixed if you redownload
  • Kai09:31 am 10/28/2010
    The fix works perfectly. I made my first android app because of you. Thanks One Bit Wonder (Leon). I really appreciate the TextMate bundle and I'm curios to learn more about the code. You're not just a programmer, the design is top usability as well.
  • bl1nk06:39 pm 12/08/2010
    This doesn't work anymore with the newest sdk. :(
  • Will12:53 am 12/20/2010 - This link works with the latest bundle (haven't had any problems thus far with this version)...
  • Michael08:41 am 12/24/2010
    For anyone having problems getting this to work. I can confirm what Will is saying. Simply download and install the version (.41) from the link he posted. However, I then get to the project creation dialogue and get the following error: sh: Developer/android-sdk-mac_86/tools/android I have checked and 'android' is there... Any help?
  • Michael08:42 am 12/24/2010
    Woops fixed it. I missed a '/' apologies. BTW Excellent work on the plug in.
  • RIchard11:17 am 01/07/2011
    Thanks Leon, you're the best!
  • ByeBye04:31 am 01/18/2011
    Hi. I'm Korean. ^^ I love TextMate.. I installed android sdk on AVD manager. So. TextMate > Bundles > Android, click on [New Project]. But..... I saw some error... "$ANDROID_SDK has not been set correctly" plz~ I want solution about this^^
  • Jose04:37 pm 02/06/2011
    Seriously. Great Job. Anything to avoid installing Netbeans or Eclipse is a blessing. They are bloated and this is SWEEET! I know I don't have ALL the functionality of Eclipse, but for me, less is more. Thanks again.
  • charlie05:27 am 02/07/2011
    Thank you! This was unbelievably easy to use. It's been a while since I've had something I really thought would be difficult be so simple.
  • andrew08:05 pm 03/17/2011
    @RT Thx very much..
  • Rich02:30 pm 03/29/2011
    It's a great bundle. But how can I update my app after modifying code, in eclipse I just click Run then application build automatically.
  • Igor G.01:32 am 06/19/2011
    Hello, I was really excited to install and try your Android TextMate bundle. However, whenever I try to install an app on the emulator, it gives me an error "no device found". This is despite the fact that I followed your tutorial and created an AVD and launched it. Any advice?
  • retro07:52 pm 09/01/2011
    Hi dear first of all, great job with you android bundle for textmate. I have a little problem of path.... Sorry to put that in the table again. BUut i think i entered the good path. textmate version. 1.5.10(1631) version of android bundle. 0.41test There is my path. /Developer/Android/android-sdk-mac/ But it's don't work..... Dont wan't to use eclipse. Thank you.
  • vamshi04:44 am 03/10/2012
    Doesn't work with textmate 2.0
  • Josh05:00 pm 07/12/2012
    Quick question, is there a way to convert an existing Eclipse project into a format that'll work with this plugin? I opened my Eclipse project directory, and tried to Update Project, but there is no build.xml file, apparently. Thanks!